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Lily Currier

Lily Currier

Sports Massage Therapist

Lily has been dancing from the age of 2, ballet being her ultimate passion, dancing in performances such as Swan Lake, Copelia and the Nutcracker. In 2018 she went to Portland in the US to dance with the Portland ballet company for a few months, she then came home and started working at her local gym, gaining her personal training qualification and enrolled in a BSc Sports Massage, Rehabilitation and body conditioning degree.

Lily loves to train at the gym, as well as do the odd bit of ballet every now and then! Outside of work and the gym she loves to travel and cuddle with her 2 dalmatians Douglas and Desmond!

Lily’s aim is to make people feel more confident, helping you manage any aches and pains as well as those recovering from injuries. Her goal is to help everyone, whether that is an athlete wanting help to get back to peak performance or if you are someone just wanting to feel better in every day life.

Where would you recommend I go on holiday?
Seville – an incredible city with so much to explore.

Your Best Achievement to date?
My degree or maybe all the performances i did with ballet!

Your guilty pleasure dinner?
Roast lamb with loads of potatoes and i mean loads!