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Online Video Consultation

Online Physiotherapy consultations

At Physica Health, we pride ourselves in offering the best of Online Video Consultations.

Our clients have been surprised and delighted to be able to access simple and effective care from the comfort of their own homes. This is due to our Physiotherapists being MSc trained and specialists in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy allowing them to educate and advise the patients on how best to manage their pain or injury, even without traditional hands on treatment. Where needed, we teach self mobilisation and release techniques to assist you in gaining relief from your pain.

Instead, we offer accurate diagnoses, clear explanations as to what this means for the patient, and a targeted plan including advice and exercises to ensure you immediately get on the road to feeling better.

For further info see our FAQ’s below

Online Physiotherapy – Frequently asked questions

What is it?
Online physio is a way of assessing your Back, Neck, Knee or Shoulder pain and teaching you about your problem, what to do, what to avoid and what exercises and techniques you need to do at home to stay active and healthy. Our online physio sessions are just as effective, if not more so than a face to face consultation and can all be done from the comfort of your own home. It is also particularly effective in post-operative rehabilitation where the focus is on good quality rehabilitation and strengthening.
How does it work?
We use Zoom for our online consultations (other platforms can be used on request). You can book an appointment online HERE  or by calling  01276916346. Once booked in you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail containing appointment details The day before your appointment you will be e-mailed a link containing the details for the meeting – click on the link in the e-mail and your appointment will begin at the allocated time. Following your consultation your therapist will e-mail you all you need to get going on your journey to recovery! If you have any questions after your consultation we are more than happy to chat via email or phone. 
I'm worried it is not as good as face to face?
The part of the assessment that is most important in finding out what is wrong is the history taking where we listen to your story and ask lots of questions. The most effective part of the treatment is where we teach you about your problem, coach and show you the right exercises and make a plan. All of this can be done online just as effectively, the hands on manual therapy that we provide during a face to face consultation just provides short term pain relief or a short term increase in flexibility.
Should I hold off and wait for face to face? 
This could be several weeks or longer, that’s more time worrying about your problem and not enjoying exercise, activities or being able to work comfortably. The most common reason we hear from people for not doing their exercises or not seeking help for their problem is they haven’t got time. Many of us have had the gift of time recently thrust upon us , so why not use that time wisely to solve your problem.
I'm not very good with technology... what can I do? 
We mainly use Zoom or Facetime to do our online physio sessions. These are free to download, you just need an email address to sign up to them. We send you a link via email you then just click on the link to join the session. We provide you with our bank details so you can securely transfer payment and we can email you a receipt if you need one. If you have private medical insurance most have agreed to fund online physio (although its worth checking first) all we need is your membership and authorisation number and we bill them direct.

To join the sessions you just need a phone tablet or laptop with a camera and enough room to move around.


Access the best of Physiotherapy from your own home. We can use Zoom video calls or an application of your own choice such as Facetime if you prefer.


45 mins


30 mins