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Pregnancy Physio

Pregnancy Massage

During your pregnancy your body will go through so many changes that you may feel aches and pains along the way. As part of Physiotherapy treatment, Pregnancy massage is a great tool that can be used to aid you throughout. Whether it is to keep comfortable, be able to continue to exercise, aid your relaxation & sleep or help keep you working for as long as you are able to before your maternity leave. Pregnancy massage is a great way to help you throughout your pregnancy.

Benefits of pregnancy massage:

Ease muscle aches & pains
Improve your bodies circulation
Helps to reduce fluid retention in the ankles and legs
Relieves back pain and fatigue from the extra weight carried during your pregnancy
Aids your relaxation for better sleep.
Some time out to yourself for mindfulness/switching off
A bit of pampering away from the pressures of pregnancy and rest before your baby arrives.

Pregnancy Physio

Pregnancy physiotherapy is a specialist service aimed at helping women throughout the pregnancy and thereafter. During your pregnancy you may experience back pain, pain between the shoulder blades, pain in the ribs or pain in the pelvic girdle. A Pregnancy Physiotherapist has the skills and specialist knowledge to be able to help treat & reduce this type of pain. This can be done by using soft tissue massage techniques, joint mobilisations, sports taping or carefully selected exercises that are all safe for your pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage can be an excellent technique during the pregnancy in order to help keep you as comfortable as possible throughout the pregnancy, prepare for your baby’s delivery and of course for once the baby arrives.

When it comes to pregnancy the specialist skills of a Pregnancy Physiotherapist are aimed at preventing any further pain or deconditioning of muscles, while giving you advice about a safe pain free pregnancy. Your Pregnancy Physiotherapist will be able to help advise you on best delivery positions taking into account where your aches and pains are, while reminding you of specific milestones in your pregnancy journey.


What is Pregnancy Physiotherapy?
Pregnancy physiotherapy involves assessing your posture, muscle length and strength. With this in mind we help support your body through pregnancy, prepare your body for delivery and all the tasks involved with the early stages once your baby is here. We work to help prepare your pelvic floor through targetted exercise. And we provide you with advice to guide you through the differing stages of pregnancy alongside treatment usually in the form of massage to alleviate any aches and pains along the way.
What does Pregnancy Physiotherapy help with?
It can help with back pain, pelvic girdle pain or SPD, neck and shoulder pain, calf and ankle tightness, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. We also use the time to guide you through the essential advice to help prepare your body for delivery and the safety of your baby. We use various treatment methods to help alleviate the pain such as pregnancy massage, hands on techniques and exercise.
Is Pregnancy Physiotherapy Safe?
With skills that a Pregnancy Physio will develop through their training, it is perfectly safe to have Pregnancy Physiotherapy or Pregnancy Massage from a Specialist Physiotherapist at any point during your pregnancy. You will see that some professionals would prefer not to see you during your first trimester but with a Pregnancy Physiotherapist this is not the case.
How many Pregnancy Physiotherapy sessions will I need?
As many or as little as you would like and we are happy to guide you through what is clinically indicated as an appropriate course of treatment. Needless to say that some ladies will come to us for just a one off session, while others may choose to come throughout their pregnancy and beyond for maintenance treatment and support.

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